Interactive Sessions - Kids' Tech University (KTU) at BGSU    
Dr. Vern BingmanMarch 19, 2016
Nature’s Navigators: The Remarkable Migratory Behavior of Birds

An interactive session led by Dr. Vern Bingman

Distinguished Research Professor at Bowling Green State University

I will journey through what we know about how birds migrate. I will begin by describing some of the incredible flights of migrant birds, some of which literally spanning the globe. I will comment on some special changes that enable birds to migrate such as their increased hunger prior to migration and changes in sleep patterns during migration. However, I will spend most of my time talking about how migrant birds use the sun, stars and earth’s magnetic field as navigational tools for migration.

Vern Bingman, Distinguished Research Professor at Bowling Green State University, has been studying the behavioral and neural mechanisms of bird navigation for more than thirty years. He has studied both migratory birds and homing pigeons, and has made important discoveries related to how young birds integrate directional information from the sun, stars and earth’s magnetic field in preparation for their first migration and the role of the brain’s hippocampus for homing pigeon navigation.

March 2016 - Hands-On Exhibits
After the interactive session the students will be escorted by their parents to have lunch and then to the hands-on portion of the event. There the students will enjoy the experience of interacting with various exhibits from the Bowling Green State University community.