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Lucia C. Strader, Ph.D.March 18, 2017
Roots - the hidden half of plants and how they are made

An interactive session led by Lucia C. Strader, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Biology, Washington University in St. Louis

When you think of a plant, do you ever think about what is happening below ground? Plants have complex root systems that allow them to get the water and nutrients they need to survive. However, this “hidden half” of the plant is often ignored. We don’t think of plants as moving, but plant roots must grow through the soil to find water and mineral resources for the rest of the plant. How does the the root decide when to branch or grow in a new direction. We will discuss the importance of roots for making healthy plants and how different plants use various strategies to use their roots to get the best resources below ground. Lucia Strader is a professor in the Department of Biology at Washington University in St. Louis. She grew up on a cattle ranch in Louisiana and was always curious about how the plants on the ranch were grown to feed the cattle. She has dedicated her career to understanding how plants grow. Hopefully, by understanding how plants grow, we can make crops that grow even better!